Company History

GFS BUILDING MAINTENANCE, INC. was founded in 1964 as GENERAL FLOOR SERVICE, INC., a professional Building Service Contractor dedicated to serving all types of business in the New England area, and, beginning in 1990, in Florida as well. The area of coverage has expanded over time, and GFS currently provides service in ten states along the eastern seaboard. GFS brings to all of its clients both extensive experience and professional resources. We expect our clients to receive the same degree of satisfaction from our professional staff as they would from the architects who design their buildings and the construction engineers who build them.

Efficient and qualitative cleaning programs that meet each client’s individual requirements are the hallmark of GFS’s service. As the cost of in-house maintenance personnel has continued it’s dramatic upward climb in recent years, the expertise and efficiency of the Building Service Contractor has proven an invaluable and cost effective resource to virtually all types of business. GFS can meet your total custodial requirements at lower cost, with greater efficiency, while freeing your management to focus on your own bottom line.

GFS has taken part in the development of many of the modern maintenance techniques widely in use today and has ongoing programs to evaluate and implement the latest developments in this industry’s rapid technological advancement. GFS does not, however, experiment at your expense. We evaluate new product lines and equipment continuously in-house, and only when we are totally satisfied with the results, and when our employees are proficient in their use, are they brought to your building. GFS offers a wide range of building maintenance systems that take advantage of the best modern proven techniques, and provide for both the unique character of your building and its surrounding environment. We always develop our production schedules around external environmental factors such as weather conditions and fluctuating traffic patters. This comprehensive planning system allows us to perform all maintenance services smoothly with a minimum of staff interruption.

The recruitment of GFS employees, a full time work force, is done over 90% through internal referrals and recommendations, creating the atmosphere of an extended family, and reinforcing a structure based on team effort. In addition, the GFS turnover rate is far below the industry average.

GFS protects your building investment by designing comprehensive maintenance systems that protect your property investment. At GFS, “We take pride in going one step beyond that which is expected” . We offer only the best maintenance programs, at competitive prices, and support our clients with the flexible and timely service they need and deserve.