GFS training programs include both classroom and on-hands segments off site prior to any site assignment.
Service/Janitorial Training includes:
· In Office Training Videos on General Cleaning, specific tasks such as floor care, and equipment usage.
· In office training on company policies and rules including behavior and quality/quantity of work.
· Safety Training including General Safety Procedures, Blood Borne Pathogens, Asbestos Safety
· Site Specific training as dictated by needs of each customer such as site specific safety and security requirements.
· Supervised on site training for specific assigned duties.
· Daily Supervision and on-going training.

Additional training with Human Resources includes:
· Legislative policies and laws as well as any site/customer specific requirements.
· Safety Communications and Safety Committee reviews.
· Driver Safety Training
· MSDS and Safety Inspections Program
· Training in employee relations including Sexual Harassment, Training and Motivation

Additional training with Operations including:
· Assigned Standards for each janitorial task (Job Descriptions) including General and Site Specific.
· Additional training on all equipment, chemicals and administrative requirements
· Training on Required reporting
· Ongoing industry training including “green” cleaning, Labor and OSHA law