Why Choose Us?

A GFS maintenance program goes above and beyond the expected to meet clients’ specific needs. The highlights of every program include:

-Variable staffing schedules to coincide with fluctuating building traffic
-Periodic specialized services utilizing highly skilled technicians and task-specific equipment
-An individually customized work schedule, all integrated into the overall maintenance program to enhance the consistency of the cleaning standards.

Our on-site maintenance programs are complemented by the GFS Quality Control Program, which includes on-site supervision, periodic visits by home office quality inspectors and GFS Management, recurring training sessions, augmented job ownership, and computerized work and inspection schedules. These programs ensure that all maintenance services are delivered at or above your expected quality and timeliness levels.

GFS has taken great pride in the quality of its maintenance services since the firm’s inception in 1964.

Our consistent goal is:Total Customer Satisfaction.
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