Green cleaning products are quite simply better for people who are exposed to them than traditional cleaning products.


Why Green Clean?

Green cleaning products are quite simply better for people who are exposed to them than traditional cleaning products. Indoor air quality improves when environmentally friendly cleaning products are used and people have fewer incidents of skin irritations, allergies and other health problems.

Healthier employees are more productive employees and more productive employees are better employees. In addition to this an effective green cleaning program (like the one offered by GFS Building Maintenance) reduces costs across the board associated with health care, productivity and sick days. Recently the cost of green cleaning has become more competitive and when true cost is taken into consideration, it is probable that green cleaning will save a company money in the long run and probably even in the short run.

Using green cleaning products reduces the impact your company has on the environment. Using green cleaning products can decrease both air pollution and water pollution. Additionally, green practices such as recycling can also help negate your company’s negative impact on the environment.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a program developed by the U.S. Green Building Council that has established standards for sustainable buildings. There are government incentives for LEED certified buildings. One part of LEED certification is green cleaning.

There are at least 31 points needed for LEED-EB certification

Green cleaning can earn you points in several categories including:

To learn more, visit the United States Green Building Council's website at

An important hallmark of the GFS Building Maintenance cleaning operations is its commitment to working in partnership with its clients on the development of the policies, procedures and training needed to minimize the impact of its environmental footstep while at the same time providing an effective service committed to maintaining a healthy work environment. GFS brings to this partnership more than forty years of experience in working with these goals in mind.

Some of the ways in which GFS structures its operations toward sustainability are:

A list of traditional cleaning products and their green alternatives.