GFS Building Maintenance, Inc. places strong emphasis on job ownership with its employees, and works to involve all employees in the corporate goal of total client satisfaction.

Our organization recognizes that few people master all skills, and that in manual work such as cleaning, people develop greater proficiency in some areas than others. With this in mind, GFS will, if the job site allows, arrange employees in teams, with individual employees assigned to the task(s) for which they have demonstrated the greatest proficiency, and frequently, have expressed a preference for. This helps to reduce the need for supervision, and in this, overhead costs, and GFS is able to pass that savings on to its clients.

GFS believes in rewarding its employees for their exceptional effort, and has implemented several bonus programs to effect this. Among these are:

  • A monthly “Customer Satisfaction” drawing, worth $ 100.00 to each of several employees drawn from a large pool of those employees who performed “complaint free” the prior month
  • Automatic bonuses for written customer compliments
  • Automatic Internal recruitment bonuses
  • Monthly “Attendance Bonus” drawings
  • Length of Service Bonuses

While turnover is a known problem in the industry, a substantial percentage of the GFS workforce has been employed by GFS for three or more years.

Additionally, GFS believes in promoting from within: most members of our supervisory and management teams have begun working for GFS out in the field. GFS has over 200 combined years of cleaning experience on our management team.